Bilingual day care center: A concept for all children

As a bilingual facility, we offer children the opportunity to experience English as an active working and social language in addition to German in a very natural way.

The immersion method (also called "language bath" in German) enables the children to "immerse" themselves in both languages equally in our house according to the principle "one person - one language" and to learn them as if in passing.


The offer of a bilingual day care center is more than just a niche offer for families who also live these two languages at home. Our offer is particularly interesting for monolingual families who want to give their children the opportunity to come into contact with another language at an early age and to develop a feeling for this language. Another group are international families, who perhaps do not speak either language at home, but who know about the importance of especially the English language in their professional context. These children then sometimes learn the third or even fourth language with us. For these parents it is often also an important factor that they can communicate in English themselves, as they feel better understood. All parent information, e-mails and notices are therefore usually also given to parents in German and in English.


The bilingual concept is even suitable for children with developmental disabilities. Acquiring and naturally interacting with a second language using the immersion method is a very good way to support children - even those with learning difficulties, developmental disorders or disabilities. Language is an essential means of communication and is also acquired by most people with learning disabilities or with disabilities. Thus, multilingualism in early childhood can have a very positive impact on (language) competencies. In language courses or in the school context in the later course of education, this proves to be more difficult for this group of people.

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